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“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission” – Eleanor Roosevelt

 “Women are up against tremendous battles. We are held to different standards by a lot of people. We are considered cute instead of serious. And when we are serious, we’re considered scary. You become a threat. It’s at this point where you really just have to be you, and you have put people in their place. ” – Whitney Wolfe Herd

“How I want to perceived will be my choice. Perception is reality. And my perception is going to be my identity and my choice, whatever that might be. No one is the decision maker in my life.”– Priyanka Chopra

One powerful being of the society is a woman who is educated and has the power to spread awareness in the society.”
An educated woman is the one who frightens the advocators of taboos and stereotypes that exist in the society.
The best way to change the society and the underlying issues is to channelize the power of woman in every walk of life.

Happy Women’s Day