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It is fairly obvious that there is a size discrepancy that exists between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck. Given the size differences, there are many ways that we can all do our own part to reduce the number of large truck accidents on the highways, city streets and other roadways while also keeping our loved ones and ourselves safe.

Stay Alert and Always Practice Defensive Driving—It is always best to use extra caution when driving near or while passing large trucks and tractor-trailers. Trucks and tractor-trailers are very different to operate compared to other cars and SUVs, and they behave quite differently as well. When driving at highway speeds, and especially in adverse weather conditions, one should make sure to give trucks and semis enough space to maneuver, stop and turn. Don’t cut the trucks and tractor-trailers off to reach an exit or nearby turn, and respect truck drivers.

Avoid the Blind Spots—Semi trucks and other large tractor-trailers have enormous blind spots, and this makes driving around these vehicles especially dangerous. Roughly 1/3rd of all truck accidents are a result of a car driving in the blind spot of a semi. In this respect, the best rule of thumb is: if you can’t see a truck driver’s side mirrors, you know for a fact a truck driver can’t see you either.

Don’t Attempt to Pass a Truck While It Is Turning—Trucks move slower than passenger vehicles, a lot slower, and they all have a massive turning radius. When a large truck or a semi-truck slows down to turn, it is common for other motorists to try to pass them, but if the trucks wide running circle causes its back end to stray into the adjacent lane, this can also result in a serious accident occurring.

Don’t Attempt to Pass a Truck on the Right—Again, it is tempting to attempt to pass a slow moving semi, but remember that these vehicles have a very wide turning radius, and in many cases, trucks will take a wide approach into a turn. When cars attempt to pass a truck on the right without knowing the driver’s intentions, they open themselves up to serious injury if the driver is actually making a wide turn and veers into their path.

Try To Be Predictable When Driving In Front of a Large Truck—It is important to drive safely on the road. One thing to avoid while driving on the roadways, is to avoid cutting off another vehicle. This advice is even more important when a truck is involved. These large vehicles are much heavier than passenger vehicles, and require much more time and distance to stop properly compared to a car. If another motorist cuts in front of a large truck unexpectedly the operator of the large truck or semi may not be able to brake in time and a serious accident may occur.

The personal injuries suffered in tractor-trailer accidents are often severe and life altering for both individuals and families. If you have been wrongfully injured by someone else’s negligence, it is incredibly important to take immediate legal action to recover compensation for your hardships.

If you or a loved one have been injured, call us at 646-504-7384 or contact us today to set up a free consultation with a New York Personal Injury Attorney to discuss your legal options. Our New York personal injury attorneys will help you recover fair and reasonable compensation for lost income, hospital bills, and all of your past and future pain and suffering.