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The spinal cord is a long, thin, tubular bundle of nervous tissue and support cells that extends from the medulla oblongata in the brainstem to the lumbar region of the vertebral column. The brain and spinal cord together make up the central nervous system.

The human spinal cord is divided into 31 different segments.  The segments are broken down as follows:

  • 8 cervical segments forming 8 pairs of cervical nerves (C1-C8)
  • 12 thoracic segments forming 12 pairs of thoracic nerves (T1–T12)
  • 5 lumbar segments forming 5 pairs of lumbar nerves (L1–L5)
  • 5 sacral segments forming 5 pairs of sacral nerves (S1–S5)
  • 1 coccygeal segment

What is a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries occur when trauma to the spinal column causes damage or places pressure on the spinal cord itself. The spinal column in made up of 31 vertebrae that are stacked vertically along the back. The spinal cord travels down the back through the spinal column, so any damage to the vertebrae could potentially cause a spinal cord injuries resulting in neurological problems, which in most cases are permanent injuries. Spinal cord injuries can be divided into one of two main categories: complete and incomplete. Information about each type can be found below.

  • Complete spinal cord injuries – complete spinal cord injury result in total loss of function below the site of the injury.
  • Incomplete spinal cord injuries – an incomplete spinal cord injury leaves the victim with some feeling or movement below the site of injury. Generally, incomplete spinal cord injuries have a much better chance of improvement over time than complete spinal cord injuries.

Spinal cord injuries are often referred to as “catastrophic injuries,” and have the potential to leave victims with serious and life-long disabilities and medical problems.

Common Spinal Cord Injury Causing Events

There a numerous ways to sustain a spinal cord injury.  Some ways are more common than others. Spinal cord injuries can occur as being involved in the following types of accidents:

  •     Motor Vehicle Accident
  •     Slip and Fall Accident
  •     Medical Malpractice Accident
  •     Sports Injury
  •     Bicycle/Motorcycle Accidents
  •     Truck Accidents
  •     Swimming pool Accidents
  •     Pedestrian Accidents
  •     Assault and Battery Incidents
  •     Aviation Accidents
  •     Negligent Security/Shooting Incidents
  •     Construction Site/Workplace Accidents
  •     Boating Accidents
  •     Fall from a Height

As a result, spinal cord injuries are often referred to as “catastrophic injuries,” and have the potential to leave victims with serious and life-long disabilities and medical problems.   After a spinal cord injury occurs, it is extremely important for victims to discuss their circumstances with an attorney. Personal injury claims are governed by a strict statute of limitations that is set by New York State law, which means that victims have a limited amount of time to file a claim. Your attorney will conduct a thorough analysis of the facts of your case and let you know whether or not you can expect to recover for your personal injuries.

Call a New York Personal Injury Attorney to Schedule a Free Consultation

Anyone who has sustained a spinal cord injury in a preventable accident should discuss their situation with an experienced lawyer who also understands the injury and medicine as soon as possible. Among the kinds of losses that may be compensable in a spinal cord injury lawsuit are past and future medical expenses, lost income, loss of quality of life, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. In cases where a spinal cord injury victim is unable to work, the recovery obtained through a settlement or award is often the only source of financial security available to victims and their families. As a result, it is extremely important for victims to make sure they get the full value of their claim.  In order to obtain the maximum value for your spinal cord injury you will need an attorney that has experience and will fight for you rights.

The personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Effie Soter, P.C. offer free initial consultations to discuss your rights. You can contact us at (646) 504-7384 or via email to learn more about your rights so that we can obtain the best outcome for you.  Our team of attorneys is always available to answer your questions.  We are very responsive to phone calls and emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our team will work swiftly, efficiently, and aggressively to meet your needs and to obtain a favorable result for you.