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While the PSL only applies to cable television, the Federal Communicaitons Commission (FCC) regulation prohibit owners from interfering with access to a broad range of telecommunication and services including cable television, broadband and internet carriers, and telephone and cellular telephone carriers. Upon termination, the FCC regulations also require telecommunications companies to remove equipment or sell it to the building owner at a "mutually agreed price."

In 2008, the FCC adopted rules prohibiting exclusivity agreements between owners and cable and telephone companies, and at the end of 2010 the FCC adopted an order which expanded this rule to encompass the regulation of internet providers.  The 2010 order prohibits owners from interfering with access to internet service.  Although the State has not enacted legislation covering internet and broadband carriers, property owners are bound by the Federal regulations.  

The practical effect of the Federal and State law is that property owners must allow telecommunication carriers to install equipment without obtaining compensation from the tenants or telecommunication carriers unless there is extraordinary damage to their property.