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The exterminator will let you know what steps you have to take in advance of extermination — and you should follow those instructions to the letter. Usually, it will involve dry-cleaning or washing and double-drying all bedding, clothing, and linens; some items that can’t be washed, such as woolens and luggage, can be put directly into a hot dryer for 30 minutes rather than sent out to the dry cleaner. You need to determine whether infested furniture can be cleaned and treated or whether you have to discard it. If you discard infested furniture, seal it in plastic and clearly label it as bedbug-infested before taking it out of your apartment. You should also take steps to make infested furniture unusable — such as ripping the fabric — so that people are less likely to bring it into their homes. Just hauling an unwrapped mattress out to the curb can scatter bedbugs throughout your building — which means they’ll soon be back in your apartment. All items discarded because they’re infested with bedbugs should also be kept out of common storage areas, unless they’re sealed in plastic.

If you are suffering from a bed bug infestation, there is a way to get compensation for your damages – and your bites. You may need to commence a bed bug lawsuit in order to be properly compensated for your injuries and out of pocket costs. Our New York Bed Bug injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of Effie Soter, P.C. are here to help.

If you’ve been exposed to bed bugs or if you have any questions, our New York Bed Bug Injury Attorneys will discuss your legal rights with you during a free initial consultation. We can also help you through the process of filing a claim, and fight for your right to compensation. Call and speak to one of our New York Bed Bug Injury Attorneys at 646-504-7384 or via our contact page to learn more about your rights so that we can obtain the best outcome for you.